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Looking for a quick fix? A new website to raises your online profile or a simple email marketing campaign that packs a powerful punch then we can help.

Content is king

We truly believe that ‘content is king’. Connect your audience through relevant and meaningful content.
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About PM

Publicity Matters have been creating successful marketing campaigns since 1986. We have witnessed a plethora of industry changes, none bigger than the digital platforms of today. But like the rebirth of vinyl, great design and quality will always stand the test of time.

With our experience spanning four decades, we have the ability to provide an extensive portfolio of digital marketing services enabling us to deliver a full end-to-end promotional programme, in-house.

Clients value PM for our creativity, proven track record, our understanding of their business, and our attention to detail. We consistently achieve significant results on behalf of our customers. We make it our business to know your business helping connect you with your clients, customers and future prospects.

Our work spans the marketing spectrum; from strategic analysis and planning, to digital design and development, public relations, copywriting and social media brand building campaigns.

We have quality people – an energetic, open and honest team with a wealth of experience in all areas of the marketing mix. We’re creative, we have strategic and technical knowledge, and the whole team have an excellent sense of humour as does Marlow our four legged helper!

X-Press Takeaway

When you want a fast, simple and elegant express ecommerce solution packed with a punch the X-Press Takeaway website package delivers results at affordable prices.

List all your menu items in one easy to use step by step online ordering form complete with ‘Click & Collect’ or home delivery calendar booking.


Commission Free

We only charge a one off development fee and no continual commission fees saving you money.

Quick Installation

Theres few hoops to jump through so we can have your takeaway up and running in a matter of days not weeks or months.

1st Year Hosting, Domain & Email Covered

A full years hosting, domain and email service is included with each X-Press Takeaway Package.
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What we do

Helping develop your brand through three core services, web, design and content development.
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Great digital campaigns speak volumes & get results

Looking for a quick fix? A new website to raises your online business profile or a simple email marketing campaign that packs a powerful punch then Publicity Matters can help.

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We have a packaged website solution for you

Simple website packages designed to get you started; effective, SEO friendly and will attract new audiences at prices you can afford.

Hosting, Email & Domains

Upgradable tailored hosting plans inclusive of managed email services and technical support should you need it. With all packaged websites your first years hosting, email and domain is included free of charge.

We build with you in mind

Here’s what we believe should be considered a priority when developing new digital experiences and campaigns.
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Mobile & Tablet Responsive

Adaptive layouts that conform to any platform and any screen size.
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Search Optimised

Content developed with search rankings in mind helping you climb higher.
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Improve your visitor experience but also improve your search results.
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Share Content

Spread your message across a wide range of social media channels.
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Content that loads fast helps keep your visitors engaged.
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Data Capture

Gather the information you want in order to capture new business.
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Make sure both your and your visitors information is secure.
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Manage your own updates, enhance your website under your own control.


Supporting your business comes in all shapes and sizes thats why we offer two fixed hourly rates depending on the job requirement. If you would like to support a managed approach to supporting your business over a longer term then please get in touch. We offer excellent 6month / 12month support plans tailored to meet your objectives.

Is your website in need of a Digital MOT? If the answer is yes then for a one off fee of £225 (excl. VAT) we will carry out the necessary security updates, identify and fix any coding issues and report back any recommended enhancements that might complement your online service.

We also recommend a health check if you are looking to move your website over to our hosting service.


Useful FAQs on how we support all website developments.
How much do you charge for website support?
We have two pricing points. For all website development tasks that might include building new features and tools to compliment your online business, we work from an hourly fee of £75 per hour. We also charge a support fee of £45 per hour for any website administration support, this might include helping you update new content, help and training on how to make changes to your website.
How long does it take to build a website?
This depends on your individual requirements but as a rule of thumb we aim to turn around a project in under 4 weeks. This is providing we have received all the information needed from you before we start.
I have an existing website built by a third party agency, can you help manage this for me?
Yes. We normally suggest that a health check is performed before we take over management. This is to ensure that we can reliably serve your business going forward without any mishaps – we do try our best!
Are you able to help provide graphic design / stock photography and imagery?
Yes. Both services are available. We have both the in-house design support that will help you achieve the visual results you are looking for, but we can also source imagery should this be required.
How do you build a website and what systems do you work with?
We love WordPress. Let’s just get that out there. Normally with most projects we will assess and consult with you on the best framework we think will offer you the most benefits. The next step will be to provide a working demonstration including placeholder information as a proof of concept. Once we are all happy with the design and concept then the final step is creating your website, hosting your website and adding in the relevant content. Normally we look at a 4 week turnaround providing we have all the information we need.
What type of website pages would I normally need?
This can vary. We normally recommend if you are starting from scratch that it’s important to consider the following:

  • Business Overview (About)
  • What you do or plan to offer (Services)
  • How to contact (Contact)
  • Latest News (Blog)
Will my website be secure?
We include a SSL Certificate on all our website hosting services. This means that encryption is added so that when a visitor completes a form the information entered cannot be accessed by any unwanted parties.
If my website is hacked what should I do?
If we are notified within 24hrs of the unfortunate event taking place then normally a ‘rollback’ on our server will mean we can gain access to your website. Of course not every security breach is the same. Certainly one of the most important aspects to consider is to ensure that you have a level of security monitoring in place, that way you can keep a close eye on any unwanted activity.
What type of payments do you except?
There are a number of payment methods. We accept both debit and credit card payments. Normally we request a 50% upfront development fee before we begin work.
I have an existing website that needs a refresh but I don't want to redesign or go down a custom development route. What are my options?
You may be interested to know that we provide a cost effective conversion service. What this means is that you might have great content, a lovely design in place but some things just do not work to your liking. A good example is your website may not be responsive and display well on mobile or tablet devices. We can effectively use your website as a blueprint and migrate all content across to an easy to use WordPress CMS setup.
I already pay for hosting and manage my domain separately, can you still help me build a new website?
Providing you can host a Linux PHP website then yes we can. Domain management is something we offer but if we were to construct and develop a new website then we can ask you to make the relevant DNS changes when need be.
Will I have access to make changes to my website once it's built?
Yes. Once we have deployed your new website then you will receive editorial access so that you can continue updating and creating new content.
Can you host a website that I have built?
Yes. Providing that its either a Drupal, Joomla or WordPress CMS then it is straightforward enough. If you have coded your own application we would suggest getting in touch and discussing your requirements.
Are there any hidden costs involved?
No. We quote for all work upfront and should there be any additional fees you will be informed. On occasion you may wish for further support or the purchase of plugins, tools or even imagery. Before we make any purchase on your behalf we will inform you first.
Once you have built my new website will I own it?
Yes. We take no responsibility in terms of the content / design integrity of your website. Should you wish to move or host your website elsewhere then we will help you do this.
Do you outsource any of your services or is everything done in-house?
Outsourcing our services in unlikely. On the rare occasion that the task is too great we might recommend teaming up with a third-party agency but this is something we will make you aware of before any agreements are put in place. We normally design, develop and create content in-house.
I am interested in a service you offer, whats next?
Either call us directly between the hours of 9.00am and 5.00pm on (0117) 317 8206 or complete our simple contact form.
Will my website share information socially to the likes of Facebook / Twitter?
Yes. We want you to spread your messages to wide reaching social media channels. Of course we can turn this feature off, if your business does not require this feature.
I have video content that needs to be hosted, how I do this?
Video is a great way to enhance your presence online. We do not host but we can work with content that’s either uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo.
Can you register a domain for me?
Yes we can. Please see our domain registration section.
How will my website help my business?
Depending on what you wish to achieve there are lots of positives. A well-built website can help you get more leads or prospects, increase business sales and improve your brand appearance.

Creativity that strengthens your brand identity

Whether it’s for print, online or plastered large on the back of a bus, we produce multiple format artwork that can be used for any scenario.

Ranchers understood the use of good branding. There was no mistaking what belonged to ‘The Bar T’ or the ‘Lazy 9’. Their brands stood out.
Whether you need a logo for a new venture or want to revive an existing brand with some creative design evolution, we have the skills to make your company stand out from the competition.

Let us create your iconic brand that will stand the test of time. (littlegiantbrewery.co.uk)

Looking for that lightbulb moment to promote your business?

Working together with our creative writers, our designs aren’t just crafted to look pretty, they tell a story that creates a memorable brand experience which is instantly recognisable to your audience. Look forward to a brighter future with Publicity Matters and stay ahead of the competition.
ITEC Smarter Working Sample Work
Gloucestershire Cricket Board Sample Work

That's the way you hit the opposition for SIX

Coaching any forms of sport especially cricket can be a complicated and arduous task. No matter what the challenge is we deliver eye-catching solutions that engage with your target audience – OWZAT! (gloucestershirecricketboard.com)

Brand growth through stand-out content

Translating brand messages into powerful, shareable stories, unique memorable campaigns and into diverse digital content.

Connect your brand to your audience. We translate your brand messages into powerful, shareable stories, into unique memorable campaigns and events, and into diverse digital content.

Online or offline, our PR services deliver measurable results.

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Public Relations

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We provide you with the right words in the right style that will make your brand instantly recognisable. Be it copy writing or editing, our words tell a story that creates a memorable brand experience.
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Influencer Marketing

Connect your brand to your audience.


Useful FAQs on how we support your marketing campaigns.
What kind of digital contents do you provide?

We can write anything from the initial content for your website, and then keep your website current with news articles and/or blog posts. We can also write your social media posts for you and write the content for your email campaigns.

Can you write my entire website and do all my social media for me?
Yes, we can. It is however of utmost importance that we come up with a strategy together with you. We need to know exactly what your product or service provides and what your USP is. We need to know what you’d like to achieve with your social media presence, what audience you’d like to reach and how you’d like people to think and talk about your brand.
What kind of off-line copy do you provide?
We can write anything from advertorials, press releases, brochures, to newsletters, catalogues, white papers and case studies.
I’ve written stuff for my website / brochure / blog post – can you see if it’s any good?

Sure. We can do a general proofread (also known as a first edit) of your text if that’s sufficient for you. We can also provide comments, critique, order and layout changes and tone of voice analysis (also known as a second edit) if you’d like the full service.

How did you get all these PR media contacts?
We have worked in PR for many years, and over this time we have built up media contacts in several different categories, namely automotive, outdoor, parenting, travel and lifestyle.

We also use a media database, which holds contact information of everyone who is anyone in the world of media. So, in case we’re not quite so familiar with a certain media category, we will still know who are the best people to contact.

What do you mean by a PR Campaign?

A PR Campaign can encompass as much or as little as you like, but should always be based on something newsworthy in your company. For example, we can organise a campaign around a new product, a new service, the launch of your brand, a new direction for your company, etc.

A standard PR Campaign generally consists of us producing a series of press releases, blog posts/ website news articles and social media posts. We will then make our media contacts and influencers aware of these, so they can use this info in their own articles and reviews (journalists) or share these (influencers).

A more elaborate PR Campaign could involve the above plus a product or brand launch event, advertisements, advertorials, off and online competitions and brand collaborations.

How can you help with running an event?

If you’ve already got a (trade) event in mind where you’d like to exhibit, we can make sure that all your written brand materials are ship shape. We can also arrange for journalists and influencers to visit your stand, where we will host them and talk them through your brand messages, so they can write about it to their audiences.

If you want to throw an event around your brand or a new product or service, we can organise this from start to finish. From event space booking, to invites, to getting the right media and influencers there and most importantly: to gain media attention, leave it all to us!

How do you find the right influencers for my brand?

First off we listen very carefully to you, about what your brand means to you and what type of audiences you want to attract.

We already have some good influencer relationships in place, and one of these influencers might fit your brand very well. If not, it’s a matter of finding them. This might take us some time, as it takes a lot of research and pattern spotting before we identify the right person. We then approach them with a killer pitch about your brand.

“What I enjoy most about working with Publicity Matters is they are no nonsense approach – this is what we recommend, this is how we’re going to deliver and this is the cost.”

“Sounds simple but having previously worked with other agencies, these guys are a pleasure to work with.”

Simon Brownell Finance Director, WPBSA
Simon Brownell

“Publicity Matters and Thule Group have had a long-standing relationship that spans over a large number of communication areas.”

“Rob and his team has played a large role in the UK in the journey that broadened the Thule brand to become clearly associated with the sports and outdoor industry and to a significantly broadened the product portfolio. It has been a pleasure to work with the agency to create attention and visibility for our brand and our values.”

Fredrik Erlandsson SVP Communications and Investor Relations, THULE
Fredrik Erlandsson

“Working with Publicity Matters was a joy. The team there are very focussed and attentive and have a lot of great contacts within the Infant and Juvenile Industry that I was involved in. The level of service was superb, with plans, timelines and expected results communicated along the way.”

“The work that was provided achieved good brand exposure in a short space of time, and the team were always looking at how to better this moving forward. I would have no hesitation working with Publicity Matters again.”

Alan Gear UK Sports Retail KAM, THULE
Alan Gear

“Appointing a new agency can be a bit like dating online – sounds good but is it all spin?”

“The team at Publicity Matters were certainly worth hooking up with though. Rebranding the ITEC Group, it soon became clear that this date was going to be a long-term marriage. Fantastic working with the team, long may it continue.”

Paula Matthews Group Marketing Manager, ITEC
Paula Matthews

“The game of cricket is alien to most people so I was delighted to find Publicity Matters were not in that category.”

“Their expertise across all marketing platforms is impressive and especially in the sporting arena. They don’t only get it, they nail it every time!”

Steve Silk CEO, Gloucestershire County Cricket
Steve Silk
Brand Logo Background

Would you like to know more?

For more information or help and support with a existing project feel free to call (0117) 317 8206 or email hotline@publicitymatters.com.

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