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We truly believe that ‘content is king’. Connect your audience through relevant and meaningful content.
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Whether it’s PR, copy writing and editing, or influencer marketing you’re after, our team of experts will help your brand grow.
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Words still count

We provide you with the right words in the right style that will make your brand instantly recognisable. Be it copy writing or editing, our words tell a story that creates a memorable brand experience.

Connect your brand to your audience

We translate your brand messages into powerful, shareable stories, into unique memorable campaigns and events, and into diverse digital content. Online or offline, our PR services deliver measurable results.

Don’t just take our word for it

Publicity Matters and Thule Group have had a long-standing relationship that spans over a large number of communication areas. Rob and his team has played a large role in the UK in the journey that broadened the Thule brand to become clearly associated with the sports and outdoor industry and to a significantly broadened the product portfolio. It has been a pleasure to work with the agency to create attention and visibility for our brand and our values.

Fredrik Erlandsson THULE Group
Fredrik Erlandsson

“Working with Publicity Matters was a joy. The team there are very focussed and attentive and have a lot of great contacts within the Infant and Juvenile Industry that I was involved in. The level of service was superb, with plans, timelines and expected results communicated along the way.”

“The work that was provided achieved good brand exposure in a short space of time, and the team were always looking at how to better this moving forward. I would have no hesitation working with Publicity Matters again.”

Alan Gear Former Sports Retail Key Account Manager, THULE
Alan Gear

“Appointing a new agency can be a bit like dating online – sounds good but is it all spin?”

“The team at Publicity Matters were certainly worth hooking up with though. Rebranding the ITEC Group, it soon became clear that this date was going to be a long-term marriage. Fantastic working with the team, long may it continue.”

Paula Matthews ITEC Group
Paula Matthews

“What I enjoy most about working with Publicity Matters is their no nonsense approach – this is what we recommend, this is how we’re going to deliver and this is the cost.”

“Sounds simple but having previously worked with other agencies, these guys are a pleasure to work with.”

Simon Brownell WPBSA
Simon Brownell

Connect with talented social media influencers

The influencers we find you will have expertise, likability, trustworthiness and most importantly a following amongst your audience.

Brands we’ve worked with

Our Copy Services

Our Copy Services (per webpage / blog article)Time (hr)Charge (£) per hourAverage cost

Blog / News Article

We can write periodical (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) blog and/or news posts for you to publish on your website. We will need a little input from you in terms of subject matter, then we will produce an article in your website’s tone of voice.




Content & Copy Rewriting

After the substantive edit, you may wish to rewrite the content yourself with our advice. Alternatively, we can rewrite it for you. In agreement with you, we might change the style, tone, structure and portions of content. This process might also require returning to original source materials and conducting new research.




Copy Editing

Also known as proofreading. This is perfect for if you’re satisfied with the written content and only want minor and glaring errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation cleaned up.




Copy Rewriting

We will start by getting to know you and your business as well as we can. What’s your offering? Who are your audience? How do you want to position your brand? What’s your USP? Based on information, we will write the contents for your website from scratch.




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