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Who wants to wear yellow all of the time? We don’t.
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What we do

Our dedicated team of specialists in brand design, brand development and web development work side-by-side to create and deliver distinctive ideas that will surprise you, worry the competition and add value to your business.

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Graphic Design

  • Logo & Brand Identity
  • Website Redesign, Landing Page Design
  • Advertising, Flyer, Leaflet, Posters, Brochures
  • Business Cards, Letterheads & Envelopes
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  • Business Illustrations
  • 3D Digital Designs
  • Characters, Personalities
  • Invitations, Card Designs
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  • Brand Packaging
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Communications

What we charge

Bespoke DesignDesign Support

£75.00 per hour

£50.00 per hour

Design is a subjective concept, and as such, is difficult to quantify.

Our starting point for charging for design services is £75 per hour.

This charge is levied on what we refer to as ‘bespoke’ design, involving original creative concepts, the sort of design stuff that you couldn’t just buy off the shelf.

The sort of work that comes under this umbrella is:

  • Corporate Identity – logo design, branding of digital and printed material.
  • Illustration, Cartoons.
  • Advertising – Magazine Advertisements.
  • Exhibition, POS design.
  • Digital Presentations.
  • Photography

We’re sure there are things missing from these examples, but, in short, anything that requires original, conceptual thought.

We have a secondary hourly charge of £50 for what we refer to as ‘bread and butter’ work.

The sort of work that comes under this umbrella is:

  • Producing artwork for digital or print output.
  • Included in this is liaising with print suppliers etc.
  • Image resizing / cropping and file optimisation, and graphical file conversion.
  • Redrawing logo’s etc if required for resolution purposes.

In short, anything that is considered pure production work.

The bottom line to our charges is that there are no hidden surprises, and we’ll always give an indication of anticipated costs, and of course, we are always ready to discuss a project.

Rope makers know their business

Each separate strand woven together creates strength. We use the ‘strands’ of typography, illustration and photography to create instantly recognisable images to support your brand.

That’s the way you hit the opposition for SIX

Coaching any forms of sport especially cricket can be a complicated and arduous task. No matter what the challenge is we deliver eye-catching solutions that engage with your target audience – OWZAT!


Fred R. Barnard is attributed to have said, ‘A picture is worth ten thousand words’

We want you to stand out. After all, nobody wants to wear the same ‘threads’ as someone else.

Ranchers understood the use of good branding

There was no mistaking what belonged to ‘The Bar T’ or the ‘Lazy 9’. Their brands stood out. Whether you need a logo for a new venture or want to revive an existing brand with some creative design evolution, we have the skills to make your company stand out from the competition.

Let us create your iconic brand that will stand the test of time. (

Every journey has to start from somewhere

You may have the best product in the world so let us shout to the mountain tops about it.

Looking for that lightbulb moment to promote your business?

Working together with our creative writers, our designs aren’t just crafted to look pretty, they tell a story that creates a memorable brand experience which is instantly recognisable to your audience.

Look forward to a brighter future with Publicity Matters and stay ahead of the competition.

Brands we’ve worked with

Don’t just take our word for it

Publicity Matters and Thule Group have had a long-standing relationship that spans over a large number of communication areas. Rob and his team has played a large role in the UK in the journey that broadened the Thule brand to become clearly associated with the sports and outdoor industry and to a significantly broadened the product portfolio. It has been a pleasure to work with the agency to create attention and visibility for our brand and our values.

Fredrik Erlandsson THULE Group
Fredrik Erlandsson

“Working with Publicity Matters was a joy. The team there are very focussed and attentive and have a lot of great contacts within the Infant and Juvenile Industry that I was involved in. The level of service was superb, with plans, timelines and expected results communicated along the way.”

“The work that was provided achieved good brand exposure in a short space of time, and the team were always looking at how to better this moving forward. I would have no hesitation working with Publicity Matters again.”

Alan Gear Former Sports Retail Key Account Manager, THULE
Alan Gear

“Appointing a new agency can be a bit like dating online – sounds good but is it all spin?”

“The team at Publicity Matters were certainly worth hooking up with though. Rebranding the ITEC Group, it soon became clear that this date was going to be a long-term marriage. Fantastic working with the team, long may it continue.”

Paula Matthews ITEC Group
Paula Matthews

“What I enjoy most about working with Publicity Matters is their no nonsense approach – this is what we recommend, this is how we’re going to deliver and this is the cost.”

“Sounds simple but having previously worked with other agencies, these guys are a pleasure to work with.”

Simon Brownell WPBSA
Simon Brownell

Want to know more?

Call (0117) 317 8206 or email about our range of web, design and content marketing services.

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